Newsom's Money Disparity Will Get Worse -- Whenever Jerry Brown Wants It To

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Jerry Brown's poll numbers are solid -- and he's got one more big trick up his sleeve
Those are pretty damning poll numbers revealed today for Gavin Newsom -- he'd be governor of the Marina, but nowhere else, even in San Francisco, favors him over Jerry Brown. Also, it seems to take the wind out of the sails of these earlier, not-as-bad poll numbers for Newsom. Huh -- how's your Monday going? 

Whatever Newsom's rationale for his position -- and the argument Attorney General Brown has better name recognition doesn't work here in San Francisco --  the city's erstwhile mayor still has the additional handicap of having amassed only around one-seventh Brown's money. Today's Chronicle article points out Gavin's money disparity. It doesn't note that, whenever Brown so chooses, he can kick on the fund-raising after-burners and truly leave Newsom in the dust. We've noted this before, but it warrants repeating.    

As SF Weekly reported late last month when the campaigns were obligated to reveal their war chests, Brown has been raising his kitty without officially declaring himself to be a gubernatorial candidate, and benefiting from the far higher contribution limit. Candidates for statewide office -- such as Attorney General, Brown's current gig -- can accept $6,500 for the primary election and another $6,500 for the general. But gubernatorial candidates such as Newsom are eligible to collect $25,900 per election cycle -- a max of $51,800.

As Brown himself told us, once he declares for governor -- whenever the hell that is -- he can simply go back to the same people who've already given him funds and ask them for more based on the new contribution limit. The roughly $8 million or so he's toting could very quickly double or even triple. That's a trick Newsom can't match.

When we asked Brown when he might do this, his response was, essentially: When I feel like it.

"I don't know," he said. "I don't have to make my decision for several months and I've got plenty to do as Attorney General -- and I'm raising money."

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