Never Tell Me The Odds: Gambling Site Pegs 49ers' Shot at Hoisting Super Bowl Trophy as Somewhere Between Slim and None

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What were the odds of this happening?
Sailing down Highway 101 toward Brisbane, drivers are greeted with an even bigger than real life Mike Singletary glaring off off a billboard accompanied by his now signature line: "I want winners."

It's an unusual strategy to make a statement culled from a coach's quasi-unhinged, bizarre rant the cornerstone of your marketing campaign. But, I'll be damned, it works. I'm just glad the team didn't see fit to create a billboard incorporating Singletary's other odd move from the same day he bellowed about how he wants winners: Dropping his pants at halftime as a motivational tool for his beleaguered team.

But while no one doubts that Singletary wants winners, oddsmakers aren't betting he'll get them. The latest numbers from the all-purpose gambling site estimate that the Niners coach has almost the exact same chance of hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy at the conclusion of the next Super Bowl as he would of reaching into a shuffled deck of cards (with jokers) and whisking out the ace of spades.
Bodog put the Niners as a 55-1 shot to win the big one. To put this in the simplest possible terms, if you put a dollar on the Niners with the site, you'd get $55 back when the Gatorade bath at the end of the Super Bowl loosens the vicorious coach Singletary's pants (minus the "vig" transaction fee).

This places San Francisco in the lower tier of the National Football League, along with Tampa Bay and Buffalo (50-1) and  Denver (55-1). Elite teams to watch: Dallas (15-1), Indianapolis (12-1), Minnesota (12-1), Pittsburgh (9-1) and New England (4-1). And the teams riding the vomit comet: Oakland (90-1), St. Louis (100-1), and Detroit (100-1).

So the odds of a Bay Area Super Bowl? That'd be 4,950-1. Hey, I'd bet a dollar on that.

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