NBC Pays 'Cash Money' for Faux-Prostitutes

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Female actors, rejoice! Finally, an opportunity to play a victim! Trauma needs extras. Specifically, "young looking Chinese women 18 years old - 20s." Up to 10 women will be chosen to:

"portray women that have been forced into prostitution, found trapped in Chinatown building. Women will have more of an innocent and unfortunate portrayal, wearing tube tops, or tank tops, short shorts or mini skirts, flip flops. etc., NOT scantily clad in lingerie!"

Don't worry! You won't look slutty, just "unfortunate." The posting promises that chosen parties will be compensated with "cash money," homes! (We suspect that the indelicate wording is the result of the call being re-posted to the Web site Model Mayhem, and not the work of whoever penned the original missive.)
For the two-day shoot, which "on average" lasts 12 hours a day, non-union extras will be compensated $78.32 for eight hours (which amounts to San Francisco minimum wage) plus overtime at time and a half. The writer reminds interested parties that, "...we are looking for young faces; pictures of you with light make-up or clean faces are preferred over heavy make-up." Save the make-up heavy portraiture for the episode in which Trauma portrays willing prostitutes, thank you!

Read the whole job listing here.
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