Man Clams King Tut Seriously Screwed Him Up: De Young Museum, Take Note!

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Whatever hokum there is regarding malevolence and fatalities brought about by King Tut's curse, you can't blame the boy emperor for the demise of the Culture Bus. But a Philadelphia man is fingering the pharaoh for either shocking or gassing him (he's not sure which).

Philadelphian Carman Fields is suing that city's Franklin Institute Science Museum for up to $50,000, claiming he was thrown for a loop by the Egyptian exhibit currently gracing San Francisco's De Young Museum. Fields claims that through the museum's negligence, "he suddently and without warning received a severe electrical shock and/or onslaught of dangerous, toxic and noxious chemicals emanating from the display that contacted him about the head and radiated into his upper extremities, torso and lower extremities, causing plaintiff serious injury..."

It sounds as if Fields has confused the Franklin Institute for the deadly lair Indiana Jones enters at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark -- and his lawyer gets extra points for using the term "onslaught." But he's not finished: 

He claims he was subjected to "an electrical injury; persistent headaches; chronic dizziness; disequilibrium; and forgetfulness." No wonder he can't recall if he was shocked or doused with noxious chemicals -- or both. 

In any event, San Francisco museum officials have been forewarned. Then again, in a manner of speaking, riding public transportation to the De Young could result in being shocked and doused with noxious chemicals, too.

H/T | Courthouse News

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