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¿Dónde está el jefe?
Normally, a story about Gavin Newsom going to Mexico and "leaking" would be pretty vile. And, depending on your feelings about the mayor, both of these developments could be interpreted as very problematic ... but not in that way.

In any event, it's Friday -- you made it. But were you paying attention? We'll see about that.

1. The Amalgamated Transit Union Local No. 1555 finally ratified a BART contract on Tuesday. After the vote was in, ATU President Jesse Hunt placed the blame for the transit system's massive operating deficit on who or what?

A. Himself
B. Republicans
C. A hole in the bottom of BART's money bin
D. Linton Johnson

2. A San Francisco Police Department statement trumpeting the out-of-state capture of a local homicide suspect claimed Manuel D. Castro was apprehended in the nonexistent locale of:

A. Vermont, New Hampshire
B. New Hampshire, Vermont
C. Delaware, Maryland
D. Maryland, Delaware

3. The Bay Area Air Quality Management Board's official explanation for the fecal stench that befouled San Francisco last Friday was:

A. Gavin Newsom's "leak"
B. A mishap at the zoo
C. Trainee at sewage treatment plant made epic mistake  
D. They have no idea

Chief George Gascon
4. Many puns were made about a "joint resolution" authored by Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco. His bill, which passed the Senate this week, dealt with:

A. Marijuana -- really
B. Keeping chemicals out of kiddie pajamas and toys
C. Arthritis
D. Harvey Milk

5. A resolution penned by Supervisor David Campos would allow new police chief George Gascon greater ease in:

A. Getting his noisy, polluting Harley-Davidson around local noise and emissions ordinances
B. Getting a tax write-off on his moving expenses
C. Purging the police department's command staff and replacing them with out-of-towners
D. Declaring September "Regional Spanish-Speaking Police Chief" month

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