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I'm not the answer to Nos. 2 or 3 -- but put me in, coach!
​Sinking boats, burning cars, Muni ... doing whatever it normally does. Was it Armageddon? Nope. Just another lovely week in San Francisco. Here's your quiz -- no looking at your neighbors'.

1. Police at San Francisco's Central Station responded to a ladies-only street brawl over the weekend that had spilled out of a nightclub on Broadway. One woman hospitalized another by striking her on the head with a stiletto-heeled shoe in a dispute over:

A. Who looked better in a Dolce & Gabbana outfit
B. Two dollars.
C. Who got to use the stripper pole.
D. Whether Gavin Newsom is hot or not.

2 and 3. Two of the following men have been signed by the United Football League's California Redwoods who'll play at AT&T Park. The rest are World War II generals. Find the footballers:

A. Clyde Rush Abraham 
B. Matthew Ridgway
C. John David Washington 
D. James Ord
E. Bernard Montgomery
F. Siegfried Westphal
G. Liam O'Hagan

Is No. 32 the answer to No. 6?
​4. Wenonah...

A.Was always my favorite Judd sister.
B. Had herself a big brown beaver and she showed him off to all her friends, One day you know, that beaver tried to leave her so she chained him up with cyclone fence.
C. Sank off Treasure Island.
D. Been caught stealin'!

5. The city attorney actually inspected Supervisor Chris Daly's bedroom because:

A. Neighbors felt bad vibes emanating from within;
B. He wanted to make sure it was actually in San Francisco.
C. He wanted to see if a city supervisor was actually sleeping on a mattress on the ground like one of the characters in Trainspotting;
D. He wanted to inquire about becoming a roommate.

6. "Negotiations r about working together 2 find solutions. We believe we have found a solution that is equitable 4 all," was twittered by whom?

A.Gavin Newsom
B. Jerry Brown
C. The BART drivers' union
D. Shaquille O'Neal

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