No Accident: We Crash Downtown 'Trauma' Shooting

If you thought the EMTs you saw downtown today were inordinately good-looking -- well, there's a reason for that. The new NBC show Trauma is filming today until 2 p.m. on Sansome between Pine and Sutter and Bush between Montgomery and Battery. The streets are blocked off to vehicle traffic, but pedestrians are free to wander through the set. (Well, on the sidewalk and designated cross walks. It's kind of hard to tell the Hollywood cops from the real ones, so jaywalking is not encouraged.)

Several large signs inform those who opt to trot past the cameras that they are, in fact, offering their image up for use in Trauma or "...any other production, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, worldwide in perpetuity..." Sheesh -- was this agreement crafted by Mephistopheles himself? Anyway, everyone involved in filming was so friendly, it made me wonder if they'd all been slipped ecstasy at craft services. Every time I paused to take an actor's picture he or she immediately asked if I would like to be in it with them. One man helping with the production end of things commanded me to get my ass out of the shot by shouting, "Hey, you! Beautiful lady! Move back." Oh, Okay!
The ominous sign.
More pics after the jump!
If you didn't know there was a TV show shooting, you'd think you'd stumbled across the scene of a pretty serious accident. That's the magic of Hollywood!

Helllllllllllloooooooooo, nurse! (Er, paramedic?)

The street was lined with film equipment like this crane.
the swat team.jpg
I asked these guys if they were with the a real SWAT team or if they were actors. "We're SWAT," they said, then quickly told me they were actually actors. "Except that guy!," said one, "He's SWAT." They then asked me to take a picture with them. I'm guessing they are actors.
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