Is Mexico Big Enough for Gavin Newsom and David Campos?

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¿Dónde estan Gavin Newsom y David Campos?
This was as good a time as any for Gavin Newsom to get out of town (and he's out of town a lot, so he should know).

While Newsom is off on a PG&E-funded jaunt down Mexico way, the mayor's paid apologists are left here to explain away recent polls that show him getting thumped by Jerry Brown in the governor's race in every part of the city but the Marina ( the chicks at Jones Roadhouse prefer Gavin!). Newsom's crew is also left to quell the furor over the mayor tossing the Chronicle a confidential memo regarding Supervisor David Campos' proposed revisions to San Francisco's sanctuary policies.

We called Campos to get his take on this, but heard ... nothing. That's unusual, as Campos is usually excellent about returning calls (you'd be shocked at how much crossover there is on the lists of "politicians held in high regard by the local media and often given the benefit of the doubt" and "politicians who return phone calls").

Finally, we got a call back from Campos' legislative aide, Sheila Chung Hagen. She said Campos wasn't able to take our call as he was out of the country. Jokingly, we asked if he was in Mexico. "Yes," she replied.

It turns out, however, that Campos is not part of the Mexico City dog and mayor show -- and, no, he hasn't slipped south of the border to track down the mayor and beat answers out of him regarding that confidential memo.

The Guatemalan-born Campos simply had longstanding plans to take a Mexican vacation during the Board of Supervisors' "Labor Day" recess, and they happen to coincide with the mayor's junket. Hagen was quick to note that PG&E is not underwriting Campos' trip; he's paying his own way.

Campos' staff doesn't recall what Mexican city the supervisor is visiting -- meaning it's a good bet it's not memorably named and eponymous Mexico City where Newsom is currently climbing pyramids, touring subway stations, and translating "L'Oreal Total Control Clean Gel" into Spanish.

So, in all likelihood, Newsom and Campos, the men at opposite ends of the city's testiest political situation, will not cross paths in Mexico. Considering the chilling effect Newsom's memo move had on his relationship with the supes, in all likelihood, they won't cross paths when they get back, either.

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