If You Must Drive Like an Asshole Thursday, Avoid These Intersections

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I say high, you say low. You say why, and I say I don't know. Oh, no -- you say 'pedestrian sting' and I say 'Operation Safe Crossing.'
In what appears to be an adoption of less menacing nomenclature, the San Francisco Police Department has ceased undertaking "pedestrian stings." Instead, the cops have started holding the occasional "'Operation Safe Crossing' operation." (The repetition is the SFPD's, not ours).

Whether it's a "Pedestrian Sting" sting or "Operation Safe Crossing" operation, the drill is the same. A police officer in plain clothes wanders into an intersection. Drivers failing to obey the law and yield are flagged down by officers in uniform and cited. We've written about a few of these operations this year; invariably a number of drivers don't have licenses or registrations or are drunk and have their cars towed away.

In any event, we suggest you drive like an automotive saint at all times. But especially at these times and places on Thursday:

Between 8 a.m. and noon, police will be dinging miscreants at Bosworth and Chilton; Bosworth and Hamerton; Bosworth and the ramp to Southbound Highway 280 (be careful on Bosworth!); Geneva and London; and Alemany and San Juan.

Hey -- let's be careful out there.

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