Every Day Is Growhouse-Bustin' Day in the Sunset

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We wrote earlier about how San Francisco cops at Taraval Station busted Marijuana growhouses on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday a few weeks ago. When asked if they'd raided one on Thursday, Lieutenant Mike Caplan answered no -- but noted that the day wasn't over yet. 

While smoking Marijuana often makes one mellow, cultivating it does not. Growhouses are frequently manned by well-armed criminals -- who aren't very neighborly. The SFPD's growhouse bust of the moment is illustrative.

On Wednesday afternoon, cops raided a house on the 2,000 block of 32nd avenue. A suspect leaving the building with pot on his person turned out to be a convicted felon on probation for San Mateo county. Within the house was a cornucopia of illegality.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers discovered an electricity bypass (a way of stealing from the electric company that keeps it and the cops from noticing a huge surge in power-usage -- and often leads to fires), suspected cocaine, and a shotgun and ammunition belonging to the man with the felony conviction. Oh, there were also 200 pot plants.

While the "legalize it now!" crowd has subjected the SFPD to some criticism over its rampant growhouse busting, it warrants mentioning that most folks wouldn't want to live next door to shotgun-toting, coked-up felons -- regardless of the pot growing.

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