Details Still Sketchy on Sunday Home-Invasion Robbery -- That May *Not* Have Been a Robbery at What May Not Have Been a Home

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In order to have a home-invasion robbery, you need a home, an invasion, and a robbery. It's still unclear if any of those three were involved in a dicey situation yesterday evening that involved a SWAT team and a number of San Francisco cops surrounding a structure in the 1500 block of Newhall and detaining those who attempted to flee through the backyard.

More than 12 hours after 911 calls reported the potential home-invasion robbery, details are still murky. First of all, the structure in question is referred to in police reports as "a social club" -- and you can see for yourself on the Google street view above that this isn't the sort of Bayview neighborhood where you'd stumble across, say, the Ricky Ricardo Babaloo Club. Police Spokeswoman Lyn Tomioka told us that the building in question "is a residence, but in the past it was used as a sort of a social club." What was in the minds of those who allegedly took over the place is unknown, however. Did they still think it was "a sort of a social club"? And were they sort-of armed? That's still undetermined -- as is the notion that the place was ever taken over at all.

After police received that 911 call at 6:15, the tactical team and hostage negotiators were soon on the scene. Several people were detained heading out the residence/sort-of club's backyard at 8:31, but it was unclear who was a victim or who was a suspect. It still isn't clear.

While a number of folks fleeing the premises were stopped -- it's good to know the SFPD's perimeters are not permeable, at least -- none was arrested. There have not yet been any arrests in what turned out to be a hours-long standoff. Tomioka confirmed that it has not been established if anyone with any sort of a weapon ever even entered the place.

The spokeswoman said she'd get back to us to explain more about a home-invasion robbery in a building that may not have been a home executed by suspects who may or may not have been armed -- or even doing anything illegal.

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