Local Dems' Prop. 8 War Chest Hits $245,000, Still Growing. When Will It Be Spent?

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These lads may have a nice dowry by 2012
Despite a prominent pro-gay-marriage group's suggestion that activists wait until 2012 to try to repeal Proposition 8, San Francisco's Democratic County Central Committee is moving full steam ahead with fund-raising efforts for the campaign. In fact, the DCCC has racked up $245,000 in contributions in the last eight months alone.

"Our current plans are to continue," said DCCC member Michael Bornstein. "The goal of the canvassing operation is to build political and funding support."

Bornstein said there are currently about 10 full-time canvassers going door-to-door in San Francisco seeking donations to the campaign to overturn Prop. 8, the 2008 ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage in California. This fall, the committee plans to increase that operation to 20 people. "Our goal is to reach out to most of the voters in San Francisco," he said.

Bornstein said the money raised for Prop. 8 activism is being kept in a "restricted" account and will not be used for other DCCC political causes.

Last week, the gay rights group Equality California suggested that activists wait until 2012 to launch a ballot initiative that would repeal Prop. 8 -- which passed with 52 percent of the vote last fall. The group cited the large amount of money that would need to be raised for the campaign and the years it would take to win over voters opposed to same-sex marriage.

This prompts the question: Will the DCCC keep up a 20-person fund-raising operation for a campaign that may be three years away? Bornstein said the committee will have to decide as a whole, and has not yet taken up the issue in a meeting.

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