Calling All Altruists: District 5 Cleanup on Saturday. As Always, If You Get Trashed, You Can't Pick Up Trash.

Clean up all the garbage areas in District 5 -- no, clean them all up!
If you've ever had a hankering to clean feces off the mayor's doorstep, then, boy, have we got a deal for you!

In yet another test of one's altruism -- or stamina -- the Department of Public Works is tossing us a dilemma: Get trashed on Friday, or rise early and help clean up trash on Saturday? Or both, tough guy? In any event, the benevolent will gather at the Panhandle at Baker and Fell at 9 a.m. for a Saturday clean-up effort there and throughout San Francisco's District 5

Interested? Visit here and/or e-mail here. But wait! There's more!

If the opportunity to haul waste, weed gardens, or paint over graffiti isn't enough, well, come for the manual labor and stay for the "large scale recycling, composting, bulky item and special waste collection" at the Baker and Fell DMV lot.

Incidentally, the working definition of "electronics" includes "old telephones" (what, new telephones run on dilithium crystals?) -- and some strange, archaic device known as a "VCR."

"Special waste," incidentally, is "Used motor oil/oil filters, household batteries, florescent bulbs and tubes."

I think "large or bulky items" is fairly self-explanatory -- but, just for safety's sake, Bengie Molina, stay away!

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