Botched Burglaries: Papa Does Not Have a Brand New Bag

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You'd think purse-snatching is a relatively simple crime to carry out: See purse, snatch purse. Not so. From the Central Station Police newsletter come a pair of stories illustrating how difficult snatching purses can be.

Last week, a 28-year-old woman was accosted by a 19-year-old man, and his two female sidekicks. He grabbed the woman's purse and tried to take it. Unfortunately for the suspect, the woman he encountered was not to be easily parted from her bag. A "tug of war ensued," which the woman won. She then called the police, who located the suspects and took them into custody. The female sidekicks were released, the guy was booked on robbery charges, and subsequently told the police to, "tell that lady I'm really sorry." Well, allow us -- Lady, he's really sorry!

A scant four days later, a "young suburban" couple (Chris? Sarah?) on Green and Sansome were "approached by two males, one who simulated a weapon in his waistband." Is that a simulated weapon in your waistband or are you just happy to see me? Ahem.

Anyway, the suspects demanded money from the male half of the couple
and was told that there was none to be had. Not to be deterred, one of
the men grabbed the woman's purse and bolted. Apparently these guys are
new to the purse-snatching scene, because they "inexplicably" dropped the purloined
article to the ground unmolested and continued on their way. The woman
simply picked up her purse where it lay. We are guessing that upon
turning the corner, these guys spotted some of their friends and were
so mortified to be seen holding a woman's purse they had no choice but
to toss it aside.

Masculinity in crisis: it has its positive side.

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