Be Elated As You Ride BART Monday. Who Knows How Long It'll Last?

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Has BART found the map to smooth service?
If you were hoping to work from home Monday, your best excuse just pulled out of the station. BART and the tenacious ATU No. 1555 union reached a tentative accord Monday.

You can ride the morning train with a new-found enthusiasm Monday. See you over the coffee machine at 8:30 sharp!

Of course, this is a "tentative" deal, so everyone is on pins and needles until the ATU ratifies this new contract (or doesn't). It is unclear at this moment when the union will hold its vote; ATU President Jesse Hunt did not return our call (and hasn't returned any of our calls since SF Weekly reported that some public relations wizard at the ATU posted a photo on the union's Web site of openly gay BART spokesman Linton Johnson, dressed as a banana and accompanied by the caption "The forbidden fruit of diligent union workers." 

Johnson, meanwhile, had very little to tell us.

"We're going to decline comment until the ratification," he told us on late Sunday. "We don't want to unduly influence the vote. We don't want to be doing this again."

Until that ATU vote, it'll only be BART press releases for the media, Johnson says. Terms of the contract have not yet been released.

Even though AFSCME and the SEIU ratified the contract the ATU spurned, those unions would have gone on strike today if the tentative pact had not been reached out of solidarity. And yet, AFSCME and the SEIU don't materially gain from the ATU's holdout; Johnson told us that the two more conciliatory unions will work under the contracts they already ratified.  

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