S.F. Treasurer Admits City Goofed on Payroll Taxes, Hit Up Companies That Don't Owe Any

Treasurer Jose Cisneros: Sorry, our bad
Yesterday we reported that it appeared the city's tax collectors forgot about an overwhelmingly approved ballot proposition that raised the payroll a business must pay out in order to to owe San Francisco payroll taxes.

City Treasurer Jose Cisneros today confirmed that, yes, the city was still following last year's rules and hitting up companies with payrolls that don't meet the city minimum to cough up payroll taxes.

"We sent out our prepayment bills and it appears some folks who will not owe any tax because of the raising of the limit did receive bills asking for pre-payment," says Cisneros. "We will be contacting folks in the next few days telling them they do not owe prepayment. They should ignore the bills."

Cisneros says about 1,600 city businesses were erroneously asked to pay taxes they didn't owe; that's about one out of every 50 San Francisco businesses.

"We're very sorry for all the confusion," he added.

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