SF Gov inAction: All Chris Daly Jokes Must Now Be Translated Into Chinese, Spanish, and Tagalog Upon Request


There are only three meetings left standing this week: By contrast, four meetings were supposed to happen, but canceled. Is it just me, or are city hall meetings increasingly resembling network programming?

"Well, we would LIKE to have a City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee meeting, but we don't feel that Neighborhood Services appeal to educated males ages 17 to 34, so we'll just stick with reruns of our old City Operations instead."

I guess that's what you get with a mayor who's made-for-TV.

On an only vaguely related note, why is anybody surprised that Gavin Newsom turned on Eric Jaye? Look at the history: Newsom turns on his friends. That's what he does.

Anyway, let's get on with it.

Monday, July 27, 1 p.m. - Land Use & Economic Development Committee

Chris Daly (D-Suburbia) wants to designate Clipper Cove as a Special Use Area "making it a misdemeanor to moor or anchor a vessel (there) without a valid permit."

Guess Daly's all into yachting and stuff, now that he has his fancy home(s) in suburbia.

Wow: I had no idea it could possibly get any easier to make Daly jokes than it already was. Wait, wait! Here's actual footage of Rodney Dangerfield ruining Captain Chris Daly's yacht!

Chiu and Dufty are still trying to get a change to the building code to "require the owner of a vacant or abandoned building to register the building with the Department of Building Inspection, require the owner to maintain the grounds and the exterior and interior of the building secured and in good condition, and provide that a property in violation of the requirements is a public nuisance."

And woe betide you if you even think of abandoning your yacht.


Tuesday, July 28, 2 p.m. - Full Board of Supervisors

Charter amendment taxing vehicles to the extent it's legal, which it's not; renaming Candlestick Park; the San Francisco Tourism Improvement District ... if you follow government at all, you've heard all this before. This meeting is all pretty much re-runs of earlier legislation, like the time when Bobby was playing football in the house and broke a valuable vase, and Marsha took the blame.

Here's a new one: a proposal by Chris Daly (D-Suburbia), that calls on PG&E to end partnership in the 'Pacific Connnector' (sic) pipeline," and thereby avoid "new foreign fossil fuel dependence in San Francisco's electricity supply."

Who ever said being a landlord would change him?


Thursday, July 30, 10 a.m. - Rules Committee

In addition to trying to settle six lawsuits (one of which has the intriguing name "United States of America v. City and County of San Francisco," and will end up costing us $7 million from the Hetch Hetchy fund), the entire purpose of this meeting is for David Chiu to propose a bill providing "access to language services."

This bill would actually do a lot of things, some of them silly, some of them serious. The silly ones include:

  • Changing the name of the "Equal Access to Services Ordinance" to the Equal Access to Language Services Ordinance."
  • Reaffirming the City of San Francisco's commitment to improving the accessibility of language services and providing equal access to them.

The serious ones basically mandate that virtually every city department must provide translation services, when asked, and inform Limited English speakers, in their native languages, of their right to translations; it also requires all city Boards and Commissions to provide translated copies of meeting minutes when requested.

Now if we can only pass a law that would make them interesting.


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