S.F. Examiner Op-Ed Crosses Into Looney Tune Territory, Claims Obama Fomenting Bloody Class Warfare in U.S.

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We've noted before that the San Francisco Examiner is not exactly a paper in step with the rest of this city. This is no knock on the paper's hard-working local reporters -- they do good work and God knows they write fast.

But the editorial direction of the paper appears synonymous with the views of messianic right-wing billionaire owner Philip Anschutz -- whether it's endorsing John McCain for president with flowery prose seemingly culled from the 19th century or denying that humans have a hand in global warming, reading the Ex's op-ed section is like tunneling into the brain of a right-wing apparatchik, Being John Malkovich-style.      
In the past, we'd speculated that the paper's editorial section is "dictated by whatever the spirit of Jesse Helms tells the paper's national editors after they forgo their medication long enough to slip into a trance." And yet, even your humble narrator was surprised by yesterday's Ex op-ed penned by one Carter Clews, titled "Hate-crimes bill disregards blind justice." This isn't about hate crimes against the visually impaired, by the way. Instead it's a jaw-dropping screed that claims President Barack Obama's bill -- named after murdered gay college student Matthew Shepard -- is actually a conscious attempt by the president and his minions to foment a bloody class war in the United States.

"Make no mistake about it," claims the op-ed. "What the Obama administration is attempting to do under the guise of redressing historical wrongs is stoke the fires of class warfare into deadly conflagration."

The piece goes on to note how the proposed hate crimes bill would lead to national tyranny in which "a small minority of privileged characters (blacks make up approximately 12 percent of the population, homosexuals 2 percent) receive preferential treatment as 'special victims.'"

Good Lord, where to start? First of all, it'd be interesting to know where Clews gets the low, 2 percent figure for homosexuals. But that's the least of it: Referring to blacks and gays as "privileged" in American society is either a remarkably myopic statement or code language meant to appeal to that portion of our populace which actually believes that it's such a goddamn burden to be cursed with being a straight, white male here in America.

Well if it isn't now it soon will be -- those gay blacks are being encouraged by President Obama to kill us! Am I mistaken or is a major San Francisco daily running an op-ed in which the author is making a thinly veiled argument that the president's hidden agenda is to encourage gays and minorities into killing white people?

By now a number of you may be wondering "who the hell is this Clews person and has he gotten his sponsorship deal from Reynolds Wrap yet?"

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