Seen In San Francisco: Proof Positive That Psychic Powers Do Not Enable All-Seeing Grammar Usage

Categories: SF Oddities

A couple of things caught our eye when we walked past this sign on Powell Street right by the Cable Car turnaround. First off, if you've got a stubby palm like this, you don't need an oracle to break the news that there's no future for you in the National Basketball Association. Unless you're Kevin Willis.

More notably, this sign is conclusive proof that, even if you possess the clairvoyant ability to commune with the spirits behind our material world and glean from the Akashic Chronicle -- well, your grammatical skills still might be the shits.

Without getting into a tedious grammar lesson, let it suffice to say that this is an extraneous apostrophe. Also, let us save you the cash and reveal the clairvoyant results of any mystical reading you might have received: Your bicycle is in the basement of the Alamo.

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