Muni Drivers: Thefts of Jackets, Other Possessions Happen All the Time

Muni bus.jpg
'Hey, that's my jacket...'
We reported last week on a series of incidents in which miscreants vandalizing Muni vehicles on Mission and Silver distracted the drivers -- who returned to their seats to find that someone had stolen their jackets.

Muni spokesman Judson True said that any news of theft of drivers' apparel was a "new one" to him, and the Transportation Workers Union did not return multiple calls. So, yours truly hopped on several buses on Mission and Silver yesterday and asked the drivers. And they said that thieves target Muni drivers frequently -- and have worked out exactly how to do it.

"All the time, man," said one driver. "They pull the cables off the back and when you go to fix it they take your jacket, your backpack, the bicycles" stationed on the front of the bus. The driver said he now takes his jacket and other possessions with him whenever he has to run to the back of the bus -- and he insists that bikes be locked.

"These kids know exactly what they want," said a driver on the 14 line. He said he'd lost his iPod and a pair of expensive sunglasses -- Muni thieves know that bus drivers often tend to have nice shades (as would anyone who drives eight hours a day).

In our earlier story we queried, "What kind of an ingrate unhooks the wires from a functioning bus full of people then vandalizes it in broad daylight?" Now we know -- a calculating one.

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