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Can you answer Question No. 1?
 It's Chris Daly's world and the rest of us are just paying rent (you think we can buy in San Francisco?) It was another fabulous week in the city -- or did you black out and miss it, Muni-style? Let's see if you were paying attention:

1. Supervisor Chris Daly, champion of low-income urban dwellers -- arguably at the expense of the middle class -- announced Wednesday he's bought a home for his family (actually, two homes) in what Bay Area suburb?

A. Fairfax
B. Fair Oaks
C. Fairfield
D. St. Helena

2. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano referred to what as the "Worst kind of make-up sex"?

A. Willie Brown's Chronicle column
B. Gavin Newsom hiring a Latino politico to chair his campaign
C. The state's budget compromise
D. Teatro ZinZanni

3. The president of the Muni drivers' union told SF Weekly that Muni management condoned the flouting of a safety practice that would have prevented last weekend's West Portal crash because:

A. It padded the system's on-time performance
B. You can't tell a Muni driver anything
C. It just didn't seem like a big deal until two trains collided
D. "That's how Muni rolls."  

You'll be surprised by No. 6...
 4. Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier this week announced that she is running for:

A. Lieutenant Governor
B. Insurance Commissioner
C. Her life -- here comes Carole Migden in an SUV!
D. Assessor

5. In response to Alioto-Pier's announcement, a majority of her colleagues on the Board of Supervisors:

A. Sent her a cake with a cute little graphic of her "running" for office. Cute!
B. Passed the hat and came up with several thousand dollars in donations
C. Took her out to a nice lunch
D. Hurriedly organized a rally on the City Hall steps for her out-of-town opponent

6. On Tuesday, incoming San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon announced that had he stayed at his current post in Mesa, Ariz., he would have been:

A. Rewarded with a new contract worth more than San Francisco's offer
B. "A fool -- this is a vibrant, amazing city."
C. Fired
D. Bored out of his mind

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