It's Your Friday Contest: Pick Date Gavin Newsom Breaks 'Promise' to Supes, Win Prize

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'Help me help you...'
Last week the Board of Supervisors and Mayor Gavin Newsom compromised on a city budget featuring an unprecedented $44 million in add-backs by the supes. The champagne was already broken out in the Board chambers (literally) when Chris Daly served as the turd in the punchbowl (not literally) by demonstratively pointing out that Newsom was entitled to unilaterally whisk away this money -- and had done so in the past. The only assurance this won't happen again is an exceedingly vague, three-paragraph letter the mayor sent to the Board (read it here; it'll take you two minutes).

We compared Daly to Police Chief Martin Brody, who warned the people of Amity Island in the film Jaws that it wasn't safe to go back in the water -- which didn't make him a popular man with his peers in city government. My colleague Benjamin Wachs noted that Newsom's history of, shall we say, fidelity hasn't been exemplary. Folks outside of our office have also opined that while it's tempting to tune out Chris Daly, no one can accuse the man of not knowing what he's talking about here

Here's where you come in. While Newsom simply wrote that he would "work with the Board of Supervisors" before pulling away the money -- and that could be interpreted as "Here's what I'm going to do -- now get me a Fresca" -- it's hard to state what the mayor actually "promised" to do here. But should he yank money away from the projects "spared" by the supes, the Board will invariably accuse him of breaking his word and his platoon of spokesmen will invariably Twitter that he did not. So, dear readers, comment on this article and enter the date you believe Newsom will break his "promise" and announce he's taking away that money.

Whomever manages the closest guess will win some manner of prize -- we'll see what I can appropriate from our swag room, or maybe you'll get a beer at our local tavern of choice. 

Choose wisely: It stands to reason that a move such as this would occur not so long after whatever vile budget is eventually forged in Sacramento. Also, bad news from the mayor and other media-savvy types is often announced late on a Friday, so as to avoid major scrutiny. Check your calendars and make your best guess.

To be fair to Newsom, "never" is a legitimate entry as well -- though Daly would brand it the dictionary definition of foolishness.

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