Interesting Double Bill at City Hall: Come for the Justice In Iran Rally -- and Stay to Raise Hell for the Public Defender

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Richard Bui
It's a protest double-header starring Jeff Adachi and the Iranian people...
The beleaguered demonstrators of Iran could use a good public defender these days -- but, beyond that, we never thought to connect the totalitarian crackdowns in Tehran and the ongoing game of budget chicken between Public Defender Jeff Adachi and Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Then we got releases from the same publicist urging us to attend a 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning rally on behalf of the Iranian demonstrators -- and then stick around for three hours until Adachi shows up for a little razzle dazzle before heading into the full Board of Supervisors meeting to make his case that it'd be penny-wise, pound-foolish to hack $1.6 million off his budget.

Hmmm -- is there a connection here we're not seeing? I mean, if Adachi is the beleaguered freedom demonstrator here, that allegory would make Newsom into Ahmadinejad or an ayatollah -- the former likes to tool around like it's casual friday sans cravat as does our erstwhile mayor, but the latter wears a hat all the time -- not Gavin's style. Actually, there is no deeper Jeff Adachi-Iranian protester analogy -- it's just that publicist Kimberly Hathaway is working pro-bono for both Adachi and Iranian groups Mirkarimi is involved with. 

Mirkarimi -- an Iranian American -- will speak Tuesday morning, but the big rally will be noon to four on Saturday. Hathaway says one of Mirkarimi's press aides is out of the office, so she's just volunteering (though she adds she's "officially" doing PR for Iranian American musician Turaj Zaim). As for Adachi, she knows him from promoting some of his cinematic ventures -- and is supporting him now, pro-bono.

As a filmmaker, perhaps Adachi can appreciate how eclectic this double feature of his is. And, as a man facing a severe budget cut, he can also appreciate how a double feature gets you more bang for your buck. 

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