Ingleside Father Uses SFPD to Terrify Wayward Son and Nephew

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Every kid without a license takes dad's car for a joyride. But not every kid's dad calls the cops to teach junior a lesson. Yesterday, that's exactly what one Ingleside father did.

At about 11:38 a.m., he flagged down a patrol car on the 1200 block of Athens St. because his teenage son and nephew, who do not have driver's licenses, had gone for a joyride in a Mazda belonging to another relative. (This might sound confusing but it isn't -- the owner of the car was the brother of the man who called the cops, making him the father and uncle of the joyriders). 

Anyway, as the man flagged police down, the two unlicensed juveniles, who had just parked nearby, took off running but were quickly apprehended. A total of five police officers were involved in the investigation of the incident, according to a report, but in the end, the owner of the car decided that pressing charges against the boys probably wasn't necessary.  

The report doesn't mention whether or not the boys pissed themselves.
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