'Huzzah!' No More -- Renaissance Faire Abruptly Nixes August Golden Gate Park Event, Blames City Parks and Rec Department for Inducing Organizational Black Death

Mr. Tudor is not amused...
Less than a month before Renaissance Faire organizers hoped to transform Golden Gate Park from a haven of drunken debauchery into a haven of period-piece drunken debauchery, an e-mail today from Renaissance Productions today announced that the Aug. 1-2 event has been nixed.

Who's to blame? Saracens? Huns? Ottomans? Nope -- the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department, if you believe the faire organizers:

Ongoing challenges with the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department introducing new restrictions, multiple date changes, and slow to confirm site usage along with continued changing requirements has forced Renaissance Productions to scrap its plans for this year's event. After six successful years of producing an ever growing event for the community (hosting over 6,000 attendees in 2008), and having zero reported post-event site impact on the grounds, the Park and Recreation Department decided to change the operating arrangements.

Calls to San Francisco-based Renaissance Productions reached an answering machine that barked "Good morrow!" at us, but our message was not returned. Park and Rec spokesman Elton Pon did not return our messages either.

In what is hard to read as anything other than a dig at S.F. Park and Rec, the Ren Faire organizers go on to note how the East Bay Regional Park District have "worked with us to bring a new event, The Ardenwood Shakespeare Festival & Renaissance Faire" to Fremont's Ardenwood Historic Farm. You don't often see the words "Fremont," "historical" and "Shakespeare" all in the same sentence. Revel in this.

In any event, that event will be on Sept. 12-13, on the other side of the Bay. The faire -- and its paying customers -- will avoid San Francisco entirely this year it seems, leaving our city fathers crying "O my ducats!" to no avail.

More as we know more. (Exit, pursued by a bear).

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