Hitch In Cops vs. Community Softball Game: Community Doesn't Show Up

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A long-publicized softball game between members of the San Francisco Police Department's Ingleside Station and members of the Visitacion Valley community struck us as a fun idea -- but one that could have unintended consequences. After all, you have folks start taking on the armed authority figures tasked to enforce society's norms in a sporting contest and, before too long, someone will see fit to remake one of the few great Burt Reynolds movies as an Adam Sandler vehicle.

That didn't happen on Tuesday (thank God). What did happen, unfortunately, is only six souls from Viz Valley deigned to show up and tangle with the cops (most recreational softball teams feature 10 players -- you'd think you could field a softball minyan in all Viz Valley!).

Ingleside's Captain David Lazar said that the six athletes were drafted onto mixed teams -- which, when you think about it, might have been a better method of fostering community relations than having cops and civilians duke it out on the diamond.

The next cops v. community softball game will be held on August 4 at Balboa Park. Either Lazar has come to the conclusion that mixed teams are the way to go -- or he'd rather not have to make an impromptu decision about it again. In a recent bulletin he said that "two teams comprising of police officers and the community" will clash at 6:45 -- hedging this comment by noting he is "hopeful for enough softball players to play a one-hour game."

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