Jesus, Another Growhouse? Cops Bust Third Southwest San Francisco Pot Factory In Three Days, Carry Off 1,000 Plants.

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While this page has a number of articles sympathetic to the herb and its users, it's not exactly un-Dude behavior to be nonplussed about living next door to a growhouse. Shady people -- often heavily armed shady people -- are involved, the entire neighborhood starts to smell like David Crosby, and, worst of all, attempts to steal electricity often result in house fires.

It's no secret that along the wide, quiet streets of the Sunset District you can find many a growhouse. But the rapidity with which local cops are knocking them over these days is noticeable. On Wednesday, police from the Taraval Station busted up their third major growhouse that week -- yeah, that's one a day.

Nine cops toting a search warrant barged into a "notorious growhouse" on the 100 block of St. Charles Wednesday and discovered 1,000 Marijuana plants. Determining the residents of that house were tied to another growhouse on the 2400 block of 17th avenue, the police obtained a search warrant for that address and found "a fully automatic assault weapon, three handguns, ammunition, and ammunition clips."

When asked if there were more growhouses than in previous years or if the cops were simply cracking down harder, Lieutenant Mike Caplan said it's a little from Column A and a little from Column B.

"If you get away with it, you can make quite a bit of money," he says. "You pay the rent, the landlords are happy, every room has plants in it, you put the lights and watering on a timer. It's not much maintenance. I think you can get three grows done a year if you do it right. That's tax-free money. The only thing is the smell is so overpowering the neighbors complain. That's how we find out about them."

Since the SFPD managed to knock over a growhouse on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we asked Caplan late Thursday afternoon if they'd had any success yet.

"No, not yet," he said. "But the day's not over."

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