Ever Wanted To Take a Swing at a Cop? Here's Your Chance.

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Did we learn our lesson?
Earlier this month we wrote about how a planned cops vs. community softball game didn't come off as planned when the community failed to show up. It turns out that 2 p.m. on a Tuesday may be an ideal time to broadcast As the World Turns -- but not the best for calling out able-bodied community members to defend the honor of their neighborhoods on the softball diamond vs. the San Francisco Police Department.

Next month Police Chief-to-be George Gascon and his CompSTAT system will begin tracking the city's crime patterns and adjusting policing strategies accordingly. So it's good to see the cops at Ingleside Station are already fiddling with their softball scheduling strategies. The next softball game will feature mixed teams of cops and community members -- which makes it easy to cope with less than enthralling community turnout. But most importantly, the Aug. 4 game will be at 6:45 -- p.m. Not wanting to drive away potential players, police have been telling curious callers that getting into the game is as easy as showing up with your mitt.  
"I've had like eight calls already today," said Officer Harry Soulette -- who encourages anyone who wants a chance to steal (bases) or strike (out) a police officer to just show up at Balboa Park at game time.

When asked who's the best ballplayer in Ingleside Station, the consensus answer was Officer Mike Howard -- a former professional baseball pitcher whose career was diverted into law enforcement thanks to some knee injuries. In other words, outfield, play Officer Howard deep -- or this cop will beat you.

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