Double (Entendre) Trouble: SFGate Headline Makes Odd Insinuation

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Say what?
Our most devoted readers may remember a post we did years ago regarding Chris Daly's bizarre facial hair and how the District 6 Supervisor needed to be installed atop the city's Weird Beard Committee, ASAP. We joked that the excitable Daly might storm out of a room when he found out he's not eligible for a Beard Award, which honor America's "culinary heritage and diversity."

Meanwhile, the Chronicle today reported that Chef Nate Appleman -- who does have a Beard Award -- is abruptly storming out of town. Unfortunately, the headline attached to this story is a rare triple-entendre, and invokes meanings we're certain the article's author did not intend.

"Chef and His Beard are Leaving" may or may not have been a slightly too-clever attempt by a headline writer to conjure up mental imagery of a man heading out of town only to realize at the last moment he'd left his beard in the cupboard. Perhaps. What it definitely wasn't was an allusion to the other meaning of "beard" -- a phony companion meant to conceal someone's real romantic partner. D'oh!

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