Daly's Oddyssey: Fairfield-to-S.F. Commute Would Be the Schlep of All Schleps

Over the river and through the woods, to City Hall we go...
Whatever downside Supervisor Chris Daly is facing due to his family's move to Fairfield, he's always got this going for him: Like any proper suburbanite, he can now keep a refrigerator full of beer and meat in his garage and shake his fist in anger at those punk kids who steal it.

But if accusations of hypocrisy or feet of clay weren't enough -- prepare for the bus ride from hades. Now, Daly is not pulling an Ed Jew on us -- and, even if he were, he wouldn't blame a childhood brain injury for his behavior (would he?). He still resides in the family condo. But if he were to hope to spend some quality time with the family in Fairfield then make it back to work the next day without using a car -- well, Israel had an easier time air-lifting the Beta Israel people out of Ethiopia than Daly will taking public transportation to and from Fairfield.

Here's how Daly would get to work in the morning, sans auto:

First, he'd set off for a brisk, 10-minute walk to Oliver Road and Astoria Drive. Then he'd hop the Fairfield-Suisun Transit 3B before hopping off at Gateway Boulevard and Gateway Court (that'll be confusing the first few times).

After hiking to the Fairfield Solano Mall, Daly would flag down the Vallejo Transit No. 85, off-boarding half an hour later at the Sereno Transit Center. Then he'd grab the Vallejo Transit No. 2 before stepping off at the east corner of York and Marin.

From there the Vallejo Transit No. 80 would haul him to El Cerrito Del Norte BART. After transfering at MacArthur, he'll finally make it into the city, blearily stumbling from Civic Center to City Hall a mere two hours and 47 minutes later. And that's assuming BART doesn't strike!

Actually, the aforementioned trip is likely impossible; the schedules simply aren't conducive for someone leaving from home in Fairfield in the morning and then from work in San Francisco in the evening -- good Lord, who would do that?

So if Daly does hope to spend weekday time with the family he has two options: A. Have them stay with him, or; B. Hitch a ride.

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