One Reason NOT to Hate on the Daly Family Suburban Exodus

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Chris Daly
Since news broke last week that Supervisor Chris Daly's wife and two children had pulled up stakes and moved to suburban Fairfield, where Daly has purchased two houses, the District 6 supe's detractors have had plenty to talk about. There's no denying that the Daly family's suburban exodus exposes a rich vein of hypocrisy. Much of Daly's political existence has been devoted to assorted anti-gentrification initiatives that have made the city safe for the poorest of the poor while spurning the desires of the middle class. Now Daly and his wife, Sarah Low Daly, find that San Francisco simply isn't a great place for a middle-class family to raise kids.

As far as we're concerned, this line of discussion is fair game. But the Fairfield Affair has also managed to rewarm old rumors that can and should be put to rest. Some of Daly's critics have charged that he's gotten a sweetheart deal on the condo he still owns, and apparently continues to live in, here in the city. Allegations have floated around for some time that Daly picked up the condo, originally slated as below-market-rate housing, for a song and will eventually be able to sell it at market rate, making off with a nice return. But according to Doug Shoemaker, director of the Mayor's Office of Housing, that isn't the case.

Internet whisperings to the contrary notwithstanding, Shoemaker told us that Daly actually bought his condo at market rate, without any restrictions, and will be able to sell it the same way. The previous owner had been enrolled in the city's below-market-rate program, and had to demonstrate a sufficiently modest income to purchase the unit. However, once that party decided to sell, the condo could be put on the open market -- which is exactly where Daly picked it up, according to Shoemaker. He said the supervisor did not have to meet any income qualifications for the purchase, and received no form of city subsidy.

In other words, Daly is free to do as he wishes with his District 6 condo. Who knows? Maybe the newly minted Fairfield real-estate mogul will double as a landlord here in San Francisco.

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