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Still a street fighter?
The chattering classes are abuzz today with news that Supervisor Chris Daly, who has long portrayed himself as a dyed-in-the-wool urbanite for whom happiness is a treeless Tenderloin alley strewn with trash and needles,* has moved his wife and two children to a cozy cul-de-sac in suburban Fairfield.

As SF Weekly Online News Editor Joe Eskenazi pointed out earlier today, there's nothing particularly unusual in this move -- well-educated do-gooders move here all the time, spend a decade or so in the trenches, and then pick up stakes once they realize they have no desire to raise kids in a city where the middle class is an endangered species.

Then again, this is Daly we're talking about. The District 6 supe has often railed against his critics for viewing policy through a suburban/bourgeois lens, and set himself up as the champion of the central city's unwashed masses. (It's worth noting that Daly, while often associated with the seamier sections of his district, actually lives outside the 'Loin, in a neighborhood on the borderlands between the Mission and SOMA.) So it is that in the hallowed journalistic tradition of holding politicians to account, we offer you a smattering of our favorite Daly disses on the 'burbs:

"Every step of the way, Chris told me he just wants to stay here and fight for poor people. [Some people] tell us to go live in the suburbs where it's nice, but he says, 'Why would we want to go live there? All the good people live here!'" -- Sarah Low Daly, Daly's wife, speaking at her husband's 2006 re-election celebration

"CW Nevius routinely attacks our City's most vulnerable with his front page Chronicle screeds. Three days a week the City is subjected to the worst of his suburban biases. It goes without saying that CW Nevius is backward, and his enabling employers are complicit." -- Chris Daly, in a July 2008 blog post responding to the San Francisco Chronicle columnist's take on a mayoral proposal to close the Embarcadero on Sunday mornings

"My husband loves it here and would never want to leave." -- Sarah Low Daly, in a 2005 interview with SFist

Help us out here, Snitch Reader: What are your favorites among Daly's past perorations on the evils of life beyond District 6?

* We weren't joking about that treeless thing. In 2006, Daly sided with a group of Tenderloin activists who were trying to kill a local architect's efforts to plant more trees in their neighborhood. One can't help but wonder: Will he export this passion to the leafy streets of Fairfield?

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