Ask a Stupid Question: San Francisco Business Times Queries Readers on Whether Chris Daly Should Resign

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You say San Francisco Business Times readers would like to see Chris Daly leave? Thank you, Captain Obvious!
In the most cynically skewed push poll since Pepsi unveiled the "America's Choice" cola taste test 22 years ago -- which was also, incidentally, the last time Bronson Pinchot could fill out "Celebrity Spokesman" on his tax return -- The San Francisco Business Times decided Chris Daly's suburban exodus was, in fact, its business.

Let's put it this way: Daly isn't exactly going to invite the San Francisco Business Times crowd to his next poolside barbecue in the cul-de-sac. The SFBT polling its readership on whether Daly should resign is akin to querying the San Francisco Bay Guardian faithful "Public power: Great idea or greatest idea?" or surveying the readers of J., the Jewish News Weekly, with the brain-teaser: "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Son-in-law material?"

The SFBT poll is a particularly useless exercise for two simple reasons: First of all, even if 80 percent of its respondents not only want Daly to quit the Board but be forced to have a scarlet "S" emblazoned onto his jacket under pain of torture ("Suburbanite") -- well, to quote George W. Bush, "Who cares what you think?" Certainly pissing off the San Francisco Business Times is the surest sign for Daly that he's doing something right -- and this poll's predictable, gamed results will not create any sort of ripple.

Second, barring some kind of Ed Jew revelation that forces Daly out of office, the chances of the supe allowing Gavin Newsom to choose his successor -- and, in doing so, destroying the progressives' 6-5 majority -- is about the same as Daly running off to join the French Foreign Legion.

We don't see that coming to pass. But, then again, we haven't issued any push polls on the matter.  

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