Caught Green-Handed -- In Every Conceivable Way

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It turns out that, this weekend, the Iranian solidarity protesters weren't the only ones supporting copious amounts of green paint on their hands. Flashing a peace sign while your hand is doused in verdant shades of green can get you killed in Tehran. Here -- in different circumstances -- it'll merely get you arrested.

On early Friday, police received a series of calls reporting a pair of men walking through the Inner Sunset in the midst of a mobile vandalism spree, spray-painting buildings on the fly. Five police officers quickly surrounded the two juveniles -- one of whom blurted out "I'm sorry" as soon as he was approached by a police officer.
You didn't have to be Lieutenant Columbo to crack this case -- as one of the miscreants had left a trail of green spray-paint, and had green paint smeared on his hands. But "caught, green-handed" didn't just turn out to be paraphrased cliche -- it's also a double-entendre. Because in addition to having paint on their hands, the boys also had Marijuana in their pockets.

The juveniles were cited for malicious mischief and pot posession -- and, somewhat ominiously, the police report notes they were "released to their fathers."

Speeches beginning with the clause "When I was your age..." may well have ensued.
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