Bizarre Craigslist Barter of the Week: He'll Design Your Logo for 15 Bucks Worth of Toilet Paper

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He needs T.P. -- won't you PayPal him some dough?
In these times of woe, we've heard plenty of sob stories. But we're not quite ready to believe this one: A Craigslist poster -- aptly describing himself as "shit broke" -- is offering to trade "logo design services or Web hosting for say six months?" for 15 bucks worth of toilet paper.

Since the shit-broke downtown resident is actually hoping someone will PayPal him 15 bucks -- which will then, ostensibly, go toward toilet paper -- we're leaning more toward "Scammer looking for quick 15-buck score" than "Genuine individual who actually e-begging for toilet paper." (He -- we're assuming it's a he -- also notes that "the bank is closed" so he needs someone to PayPal him the money; unless someone has invented a service that allows you to print out U.S. currency in the comfort of your own home -- how's Mr. Shit Broke hoping to redeem that money? Are we missing something here?).

In any event, let us revel in this week's Bizarre Craigslist Barter of the Week: Either a ploy to fleece those foolish enough to wire money to folks who claim they need cash for toilet paper or a sign that times have grown so desperate that people need the generosity of strangers to purchase cheap items to shove up their asses.

Everyone's a winner.

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