BART Strike Would Impact 40 Percent of Employees ... In the Communications Department

When one juxtaposes the terms "union negotiations" and "BART," images of men and women in jumpsuits driving or fixing trains come to mind.

You don't think of spokespeople or anyone with the term "multi-media" in his or her job. But you should.

Of the five employees in BART's communications department, two are union-represented and would head out on strike with their brothers and sisters if it comes to that in ... nine hours or so.

Chief BART spokesman Linton Johnson -- who has been criticized roughly by the unions -- is definitely not a union guy, nor is multi-media producer Cheryl Stalter or Jim Allison (though he was during BART's last union talks when he had a different job title; he's now the multi-media managing producer and is a former public information officer).

Heading out on the picket lines, though, would be public information officer Luna Salaver, an AFSCME member, and multi-media associate producer Karen McDaniel, who belongs to the SEIU Local 1021.

Asked if there's any tension in the office, Allison noted "We're all professionals."

And asked if there was any progress to report on that contract negotiations deal, Johnson noted "not so far."

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