Actually, It Looks Like Chris Daly Bought TWO Houses In Fairfield

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Supervisor Chris Daly
Yesterday Supervisor Chris Daly (a.k.a Brilliant Comrade) disclosed on Fog City Journal that he and his wife, Sarah, recently purchased a home in Fairfield, a stone's throw from his in-laws. While that's true, online property filings suggest there's more to the story: The Dalys appear to have purchased two houses in the Solano County city within the past five months.

Records indicate the Dalys bought their first Fairfield house -- a 2,300-square-foot dwelling on Quincey Lane with 4 bedrooms -- on Feb. 20 for $270,000. The couple bought the home two doors down from Sarah Daly's parents -- a 1,900-square-foot home on Nantucket Court with a pool -- for $275,000 in April. (In Daly's post on Fog City Journal he said his wife and kids moved in to that house last month, although he continues to reside in their San Francisco condo.)

To put that in another context, the Dalys bought two large homes in the 'burbs for less than the assessed value of their condo in S.F. -- upwards of $700K.


Is Daly becoming a real-estate speculator? What are the Dalys gonna do with that second house (not to mention the condo, after Daly leaves office)? Is the mercurial tenant organizer going to become -- gasp -- a landlord?

We left Daly a phone message to ask about the other Fairfield property. We'll update you after we hear back.

**UPDATE**: Daly left a message for us saying that the Quincey house is "an investment property." So there you have it -- Chris Daly is not only becoming a suburbanite, but also a capitalist!


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