'Where's Gavin?' Web Site Hasn't Gotten Any Snaps of Mayor on Muni Yet. But It Does Have ... This.

Courtesy wheresgavin.com
Nice -- but no prize-winner
In mid-May we wrote about the Where's Gavin? Web site -- which offered San Franciscans a chance to win a free Muni fast pass (value going up, up, up later this summer!) if they managed to snap a photo of Mayor Gavin Newsom actually riding on a Muni bus, trolley, or light rail vehicle.

The mysterious folks behind the site -- they are keeping their identities a secret at this point (perhaps they're worried about Nathan Ballard showing up at their homes and siccing his evil beard on them -- tell SF Weekly they haven't yet received any Muni pass-worthy snaps of Newsom on the Muni (or, for that matter, frolicking with Bigfoot, Nessie, or Jimmy Hoffa).

They have, however, received a number of photos like the one you see above. Perhaps they'd have a better chance of getting a prize-winning submission if they expanded the criteria and allowed photos of our erstwhile mayor riding public transportation in the cities where he's stumping for governor.

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