Wait a Second -- Is That Concert Poster Celebrating the Good Ol' Days Before the Emancipation Proclamation?

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Joe Eskenazi
What's in a name? That depends upon whether your relatives owned or were owned, right?
We'll admit it. We're not huge country music fans, so the massive Kenny Chesney poster hanging off AT&T Park didn't really draw our attention. What did get us doing a double-take was the name of what appears to be the tertiary opening act: Lady Antebellum.

Doing a little rudimentary Web sleuthing, we were surprised to find out that Lady Antebellum -- unlike Lady Gaga or Lady Miss Kier -- is not so much a lady as a lady and two gentlemen (and it appears the gents are wearing more makeup than the lady). 

We were also surprised that there's apparently no solid reason for the group having a name that appears to celebrate the good ol' days before the Civil War (antebellum, in Latin, means "before the war" and is a less unwieldy term than "pre-Civil War").

According to the group's bio, "their old-school influences led them to choose an old-time moniker, inspired by a just-for-fun photo shoot in front of an Antebellum-style home: Lady Antebellum. 'There's not anything too terribly meaningful behind it,'" says bandmember Dave Charles.

Really? So if the group had been hanging around in front of a Tudor home they'd be Lady Tudor? Or if they'd met at a Bernard Maybeck bungalow they'd be Lady Craftsman? Or if they met at my old apartment they'd be Lady Shithole?

Glancing at the lyrics to Lady Antebellum's songs, it seems they're hardly celebrating the glory of the land of cotton -- old times there are not forgotten. It seems they specialize in tender love ballads. So why choose an "old-school moniker" that hearkens to the days when men owned each other? You know, a lot of people don't exactly have positive associations with that time.

If a European group sported the title Lady Anschluss -- it would seem odd, no?

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...And now the idiots of Lady Antebellum wish you a WHITE Christmas with their new album. I'm going to start a musical group innocently named Fuehrer Jew-Oven. I'll be going after the same audience, and it's sure to take fire! 

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