Suit Alleges Environmental Protection Agency Not Doing Enough Environmental Protecting

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...
It was the Roman satirist Juvenal who pondered quis custodiet ipsos custodes? -- Who watches the watchmen? If we gave him the answer "The WildEarth Guardians" we don't think it'd satisfy his query (and, honestly, the man's been dead 1,800 years) -- but it wouldn't be wrong.

The aformentioned organization filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency last week in San Francisco alleging the EPA isn't doing enough EP. Juvenal's statement, it seems, was made in a less litigious society than ours.

The New Mexico-based environmental group is chargint the EPA with rendering the Clean Air Act useless by failing to clamp down on states producing inordinate soot, smog, and other filth from allowing it to blow downwind the next state. The suit purports to "compel EPA to create federal good neighbor plans for soot and smog for California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Oregon (say it fast and you'll sound like Johnny Cash singing "I've Been Everywhere.").

The suit contends that broad swaths of the country are affected by "ground-level ozone and particulate matter" emanating from the aforementioned states.

While each state is supposed to submit its environmental plans to the EPA (described in a paragraph containing the acronyms: CAA, NAAQS, SIP, FIP, and EPA) the suit, in a nutshell, says the government is permitting foot dragging, which leads to soot-belching.

So, the suit is hoping the EPA will clean up its act -- pun intended. Thank you. Tip your waitresses.

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