S.F.-Based Current TV Censoring Stories About Its Jailed Reporters

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Euna Lee (left) and Laura Ling
Two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, reporting in censor-happy North Korea, are now being censored in America -- by their own San Francisco-based media outlet. 

After Ling and Lee were sentenced on Monday to 12 years of hard labor in a North Korean prison camp, a couple of Current TV contributors tried to blog about it on the Current TV user-generated content site and found their contributions quickly, and quietly, removed.  Apparently, the censorship has been going on since at least March 21.

The online news source has been very hush hush about the whole ordeal so far, and has yet to report anything about the incident on their website.  Also, Al Gore is still staying quiet despite his role as chairman of Current TV.  When asked about whether the news station had anything to say about removing news about the trial from its site, Current TV representative "Brent" told SF Weekly that the answer to all questions was still a very non-transparent: "no comment."

Incidentally, SF Weekly has posted its own blog post at Current TV about Ling and Lee (currently under review and so "temporarily hidden") and has commented on one of the recent Current TV posts.  So far, the comment has not been removed from the site.  We'll keep you posted.

Update (4:20 PM): Looks like it took Current TV less than 3 hours to delete SF Weekly's comment because it's no longer available for public viewing.  Those are some fast censor-ers.

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