Sewing Aficionados To The Rescue of San Francisco's Publishing Woes

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So the Chron underwent massive layoffs, Rolling Stone closed up shop, and then the Onion decided to stop circulating in the city. But just when all seemed  doom and gloom in the San Francisco media world, a group of sewing aficionados in a Fort Mason building had the balls to launch a new magazine.

As you may have guessed from the suggestive cover featuring a lady bent over her machine (ironic? we hope?), this ain't your granny's sewing periodical. The mag is called Modern Seamster, and the second issue (available free in its entirety online) indicates impressively well-financed production values and editorial content focused at a demographic of urban hipsters with a great affection for their sewing machines.

Between the ads for irons, sewing machines, and fabric stores, there's an interview with the wardrobe stylist at (including a break-out box on "How to Work With Latex"), a feature on sewing machine tattoos and the women emblazoned with them, and coverage of a furry convention in San Jose. There's a Q & A with the Devo archivist, the Top-10 Mistakes Made by Country Western Singers, and a feature on a feminist embroidery. 

We especially enjoyed the following admonition the masthead page.
Perhaps it was to remove the magazine from liability vis-a-vis its Stolichnaya ads? 


It is known that Modern Seamster staffers love to have cocktails. However, be aware that it is dangerous to mix alcohol and machinery, heavy or otherwise. Obey manufacturer instructions and use caution whenever alcohol is present or imbibed.

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