Seen In San Francisco: A Car That Makes Mini Look Maxi

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Joe Eskenazi
The vehicle that transported generations of Italians -- and offered them a site to sire generations of progenies
We've seen this guy around town several times, but, thankfully, this time we had our camera. What manner of car is this that one could, seemingly, parallel park into an outhouse? It's a classic little Fiat 500 -- and you may see this vehicle's petite descendants puttering along the streets of San Francisco before long thanks to the Italian company's acquisition of Chrysler

This old-timer, though, is a relic -- and warms the hearts of Italians in much the way the French grow nostalgic when a Renault V rolls by or Germans get soppy when an old Beetle motors past.

Let us not forget, however, that this is an Italian car, so that nostalgia has a distinctly Italian flavor. Since Italians tend to live with their parents for quite a while -- and since the Fiat 500 was perhaps the most common car in all of Italy -- it follows that, for generations of young people, it was the only place for amore, capiche?

Since the 500 is roughly the same size as a Luden's cough drop, this presented logistical difficulties. Yet -- Bravo! -- some genius whose name has been lost to history created a manual of sexual positions possible within the 500's friendly confines.

Inclusion of said diagrams along with the 500's future owner's manual wouldn't hurt sales a bit.

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