Pride Rides: Leno, Mirkarimi Give Shout-Out to City Car Share, Daly Gives Us The Finger

There's no legal argument Dennis Herrera can make to convince us this car ain't a beaut...
Yesterday we began answering the eternal question: If a tree fell in the forest and no one was there to hear it -- what kind of cars would your elected representatives ride in Sunday's Pride Parade?

Our personal favorite thus far is Supervisor Eric Mar (and six other guys) riding on a seven-seat bicycle. Our second favorite, though is a tie between Senator Mark Leno and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. Both are showing some love to City Car Share -- Leno will be in a pickup truck while Mirkarimi took pains to reserve the Mini convertible. Mirkarimi hopes to have a small army of marchers with him -- he's joined forces with the official Green Party contingent. Sadly, however, City Car Share's Mini won't join the Party: "We asked if they had a green one for St. Patrick's Day," said Rick Galbreath, Mirkarimi's legislative aide. "It's just in red."

Also, it's Galbreath who is using his account to rent the car -- so if the Department of Parking and Traffic puts the boot on it, you got the wrong man!

City Attorney Dennis Herrera, meanwhile, figures to be the object of much adoration during the march. His car of choice is already the object of much adoration for us; it's the sweet 1960 Chrysler Imperial illustrating this story. (All or most of the vintage cars for parades in San Francisco and elsewhere are provided by the Freewheelers Car Club).

That's where Supervisor David Chiu figures to get the big-assed classic Cadillac he plans to ride and where Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and Supervisor David Campos will get their car (though Ammiano told us he prefers to walk).

Sean Elsbernd's staff told us he'll be at home feeding Baby Michael Thomas that day and will miss his first Pride Parade since he became a supervisor. God-willing the little guy will be hearing horrible stories about his dad from ancient teachers when he, too, attends St. Ignatius; what we're trying to say is, Sean, the kid would be there when you got back on Sunday night. Still, to each his own -- and we don't have to try to explain skipping out on family time to Mrs. Elsbernd.
Finally, Supervisor Chris Daly, when asked what manner of car or float he'd be riding in the parade chose to relay a terse "no comment" via his underling. What does this mean? It means Daly has no problem with burdening his subordinate with awkward busywork for the purpose of needling people. It also means that Daly is too vindictive, ideologically rigid, or just plain dense to detect a super-softball story when it's lobbed to him -- by the "corporate media." Since Daly always struck us as a smart one, we're going with the first two (we know he objected when we refered to him as a "hothead," which is kind of like Abraham Lincoln protesting when you refer to him as "dead.").

So, Daly, enjoy yourself on Sunday. Perhaps you can drop by Elsbernd's place and offer him parenting tips.

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