Pride Rides: How Will Our Elected Officials Be Cruising This Weekend?

Bevan Dufty's sweet ride...
In case you missed the proliferation of rainbow flags and the huge influx of prideful people heading into our fair city, things are ramping up for the big Pride Parade on Sunday, June 28.

As the knives begin to come out behind the scenes in the city's simmering budget battle, the parade offers a chance for our city's elected officials to traipse down sunny streets and toss trinkets to adoring onlookers. You'd think a politician skipping the gay pride parade in San Francisco would be like going to Hawaii and skipping the beach -- but you'd be surprised.

Quick phone calls to every member of the board of supervisors revealed that, if just under half of them have plans for Sunday, they haven't shared them with their staffs. We'll give them time to get their stories straight -- but, in the meantime, some of the supes have grand plans indeed. Adorning this story is a photograph of Supervisor Bevan Dufty's impressive-as-hell pride float, which is well on its way to becoming a fully operational battle station. And he's sharing his ride.  

Dufty will be waving to onlookers alongside Supervisor Sophie Maxwell; you could call it the float for supervisors who go both ways. Neither is a "moderate" -- if you consider staunch mayoral allies Carmen Chu, Sean Elsbernd, or Michela Alioto-Pier moderates. But neither Dufty nor Maxwell is in the progressive camp, either. Perhaps not surprisingly, politically similar Assemblywoman Fiona Ma is also thumbing a lift on this float (by the way, this thing cost around $2,000 and Dufty's staff tells us no public money was involved -- the top sponsor is Family Builders, an adoption and foster care outfit). Finally, dancers from Culture Shock will be gallivanting about and there will be scrolling messages on the mini-Castro Theatre's marquee. All it's missing are a set of Don Perata-approved 22-inch rims.

We've contacted just about every elected official there is in this fair city. When they disclose their Pride vehicle of choice (or non-vehicle as the case may be), so will we.

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