Points For Variety: Newsom Reels In Big Donations From Plumbers, Maker of Spaceships

Ky Michaelson
Combine rockets and toilets and you get this ... and Gavin Newsom's big donors.
Credit where credit is due: If there's one thing Gavin Newsom can do with elan, it's accept a check. Perhaps sometimes there's a little too much elan -- he recently returned a hefty donation from Russell Weiner, the son of radio lunatic Michael Savage, and took big money from anti-rent control sugar daddy Thomas Coates.

You've got to admire Newsom's range now, however. Recent filings indicate he managed to land back-to-back large donations from the most earthbound of men and the CEO of a rocketship company.

Earlier this month, Newsom's campaign reported a $10,000 donation from Elon Musk -- CEO of Space X and a co-founder of PayPal. Space X has actually won a NASA contract to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station once the government opts to stop randomly killing folks in the '59 Cuban Chevy of space travel, the Space Shuttle. Then, around a week later, Newsom landed $5,000 from the U.A. Local 38 -- the plumbers' union.

Say what you will about Newsom -- and, God knows, we do -- but you have to tip your cap to a man whose constituency includes a rocket man and the toilet men. These two entities haven't been mentioned in the same breath since Alan B. Shepard pissed in his spacesuit during the Mercury era.

To infinity and beyond, indeed.

Rocket Toilet   |   Created by Ky Michaelson

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