Out-of-Towners -- From Fresno, No Less -- Protest In San Francisco. Did You Notice?

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Like a Vaudeville act of old getting ready to take it to New York City, today's protester has got to ask himself if he's ready for the big time when he comes to San Francisco. We've got no shortage of expert, home-grown demonstrators, and budget season has distilled the best of the best.

So, were a few hundred Central Valley agricultural advocates steamed over a lack of available water up to the task? Our snap judgment is -- not exactly. Ostensibly here to buzz Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office yesterday, the above video reveals them parading around Union Square (can't blame 'em) and some of the seedier areas along Market in the Tenderloin. That's a good mile from Feinstein's office at 1 Post Street near Montgomery BART (That the news anchor blithely repeats that the protesters are storming Feinstein's office while the video reveals they're in a far grittier locale could be used as proof that outsiders think of much of San Francisco as a dump. We're just saying.). 

The above news footage reveals so many burning questions: Why in the name of God is Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wearing a cowboy hat while addressing an audience? He's a former Colorado attorney general and senator -- so he knows it's not sunny inside. Has he recently suffered a disfiguring scar? 

Will the protesters get what they want? (and if, as the organizer in the video says, they wanted to inform San Franciscans about their plight -- is it good news you're likely reading about it here first?)

Perhaps they will get their irrigation influx -- but, if they do, it's not because they scared up a bunch of Valley residents to confuse San Franciscans by marching through random portions of Downtown demanding we give them some water ("Take it! It's got a hint of lemon."). Really, what's a San Franciscan to make of a man waving a sign reading "Congress Created Drought" just after he's glanced at Frank Chu? And whose sign is crazier, honestly?

Finally, for the first time ever, allow me to link to the Chronicle's city brights feature, in which the paper redefines the word "promienent" and "luminary" by having a bunch of "prominent luminaries" generate content for free while it lays off legions of skilled reporters. In this case, however, drought-related questions are in environmentalist Peter Glieck's wheelhouse.

I'll bet he can find his way to 1 Post Street, too.

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