No End In Sight For Cindy Sheehan's World Tour

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Oh, we've still got Cindy to kick around...
Though George W. Bush may be out to pasture, his nemesis, San Francisco's Cindy Sheehan, shows no sign of slowing down as she campaigns for an Oregon bill that would keep National Guard troops home, appears in a documentary film honoring an AWOL anti-war soldier, and delivers a speech at a Nashville peace festival.

Sheehan's son Casey, a soldier, was killed in Iraq in 2005. She gained global fame the following year by camping outside Bush's Texas ranch in protest. She ran unsuccessfully for Congress last year, and has continued sprinting at the front of the anti-war movement ever since.

Sheehan has been denounced, in this space and elsewhere, as a mere publicity hound. Her ongoing status as the Energy Bunny of the anti-war movement, however, suggests that she may actually just want us to stop killing people in the Middle East.

Last month she was in Salem, Oregon urging legislators to pass a bill that would give the state's governor the ability to retrieve the National Guard from Iraq if troops were deemed to be needed in state. She also made stops in Ashland, Corvalis and Portland to promote her book Not One More Mother's Child, according to The Oregonian newspaper.

Sheehan also appears in a new documentary about Jimmy Massey, a Marine-turned peace activist who went AWOL when he saw civilians killed. And on June 14, Sheehan is scheduled to speak at a Nashville peace festival, according to the blog

 Her speech will be preceded by African drums and 30 minutes of audience meditation.
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