Mr. and Mrs. Charming -- He's Got a Machete, She's Drunk -- Terrorize the Sunset

Categories: Crime
In response to the common San Francisco notion that nothing ever happens out in the avenues -- and in an homage to the NBA's latest line of advertisements -- we present you with a new slogan -- The Sunset: Where machete-wielding crazies and their inebriated girlfriends happen.

In the wee hours Sunday morning, a bevy of police pulled up to a house in the 2200 block of 45th Avenue, responding to calls that a man swinging about a machete was terrorizing his neighbors, accompanied by his plastered girlfriend. The half-dozen cops attempted to get the man to give up quietly -- but the combination of big knives, drunken girlfriends, and God knows what else didn't lend itself to cooperation with the authorities.

The suspect leaped out his back window and into his back yard. This seems to be as far as that plan was worked out, as he was shortly tracked down there and arrested by police.

Machete guy was charged with felony assault and resisting arrest. His girlfriend was arrested for public drunkeness and resisting arrest.

It's nice to see couples sharing similar interests.

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