Man Beaten, Gnawed By Four Robbers -- Who Filch His Sweatshirt

Categories: Crime
If you wear a sweatshirt like this, the SFPD cannot guarantee your safety
Like "stupid and clever" the line between "heroism and foolishness" is often very fine. A San Francisco man can ponder that after he chose to fight off a quartet of would-be robbers Tuesday morning and lost his shirt -- literally.

Police responded to the 2:13 a.m. call on the 4700 block of Mission and met with a man who "had several bruises and what appeared to be human bite marks." The man told officers he was walking home when the suspects approached him and demanded his money and phone. He pulled the Walter Sobchak "what's mine is mine" routine and the fight was on.

In addition to the striking and the biting, one of the four robbers took the victim's sweatshirt and ran off with it. This, report the police, was the only item stolen. We can only assume it was a hell of a sweatshirt.

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